GDR Matepi

International Conférence NanoSEA 16-19 juillet 2024, Marseille, France

Isabelle Berbezier

IM2NP, CNRS, Marseille, France

Monica Bollani

IFN-CNR, Milano, Italy

Simona Boninelli

CNR-IMM, Catania, Italy

Paola Castrucci

Dipartimento di Fisica - Università Roma Tor Vergata, Roma, Italy

8th International Conference on NANOstructures and nanomaterials SElf-Assembly 2024 (NanoSEA 2024)


NanoSEA is a significant moment of scientific exchange for all the researchers involved in Nanostructured Materials, 2D Materials and Self-Assembly.
NanoSEA 2024 International Conference covers the synthesis and fabrication of nanostructures and nanomaterials, and also includes properties and applications, particularly of inorganic nanomaterials. It also focuses on the fundamentals in relation with synthesis, nanopatterning, nano-characterization, quantum properties, and applications of nanostructures and nanomaterials. It encompasses chemical processing and lithographic techniques for the synthesis and self-organisation of 0-D, 1-D, and 2-D nanostructures, as well as special nanomaterials such as, nanomembranes, topological insulators, ferromagnetic oxides and ordered mesoporous oxides.

Practical information

  • NanoSEA 2024 will be held in Marseille from July 16 to 19, 2024


Important dates:

  • open submission: January 18th, 2024
  • early bird registration opening: January 29th, 2024
  • close submission: March 3rd, 2024
  • abstract acceptance notification: March 14th, 2024
  • early registration closing: May 30th, 2024




  • Please book your hotel rooms as a matter of urgency: the Olympic Games will take place the following week, and all hotels will be filled fast (many hotel rooms are already booked by the sailing teams.

Advisory Scientific Committee

  • Jean-Noël Aqua, INSP, UPMC, Paris, France
  • Caroline Bonafos, CEMES-CNRS, Toulouse, France
  • Alberto Brambilla, Politecnico of Milano, Italy
  • Moritz Brehm, University of Linz, Austria
  • Luc Favre, IM2NP, AMU, Marseille, France
  • Jerrold A. Floro, University of Virginia, USA
  • Ana B. Hungria, Universidad de Cádiz, Spain
  • Nunzio Motta, University of QUT, Australia
  • Giovanni Onida, University of Milano, Italy
  • Giancarlo Rizza, CEA Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • Peter Sutter, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA

Organizing Committee

  • Mathieu Abel – IM2NP, AMU – CNRS, France
  • Adam Arette-Hourquet – IM2NP. AMU – CNRS, France
  • Nicolas Bottin – IM2NP, AMU – CNRS, France
  • Alain Escoda – IM2NP, AMU – CNRS, France
  • Luc Favre – IM2NP, AMU – CNRS, France
  • Sonia Freddi – LNESS, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy
  • Drisse Hannani – IM2NP, AMU – CNRS, France
  • Mathieu Koudia – IM2NP, AMU – CNRS, France
  • Claudia Mastropasqua – IM2NP, AMU – CNRS, France
  • Annamaria Muoio – IMM – CNR, Catania, Italy
  • Loïc Rayneau – IM2NP, AMU – CNRS, France
  • Antoine Ronda – IM2NP, AMU – CNRS, France
  • Matteo Salvato – University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy
  • Leslie Scala – IM2NP, UMR – CNRS, France
  • Manuela Scarselli – University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy



  • Nanostructured Materials
  • 2D and Layered Materials
  • Advanced Nano-Characterization
  • Synthesis and Self-Assembly
  • Modelling
  • Properties

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